Women in literature independence in jasmine by bharati mukherjee

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Search for Identity in Bharati Mukherjee's Jasmine

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This chapter examines the issue of assimilation in Bharati Mukherjee's novel Jasmine, exploring how the status of the character of Jasmine as a woman and illegal immigrant impacts upon her transatlantic exploration of space and identity to create conflict as well as apparent resolution in her journey.

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Search for Identity in Bharati Mukherjee's Jasmine

Chapter 3 Autobiographical Elements in the Fiction of Bharati Mukherjee Like eponymous character of her famous novel Jasmine, Bharati Mukherjee has altered several citizenship and culture during her life.

Her received Ph.D. in English and comparative literature from the University of. Bharati Mukherjee (July 27, – January 28, ) was an American writer and professor emerita in the department of English at the University of California, skayra.com is the author of a number of novels and short story collections, as well as works of skayra.come works: Jasmine.

Jasmine is a novel by Bharati Mukherjee. Mukherjee is an immigrant from Kolkata, India who has written extensively on Indian culture and history as well as the immigrant experience in America in both fiction and non-fiction works. Jasmine by Bharati Mukherjee (Book) editions published between and in 10 languages and held by 2, WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Three Immigrant Types in Mukherjee's Jasmine The complex journey of immigration and the hardships immigrants undergo are common themes in Bharati Mukherjee's writings. The author, an immigrant herself, tries to show the darker side of immigration, especially for Hindu women, that is not often portrayed in other immigrant narratives.

Women in literature independence in jasmine by bharati mukherjee
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