Underwriting agreement indemnification legal definition

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Underwriting Agreement

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An indemnity contract arises when one individual takes on the obligation to pay for any loss or damage that has been or might be incurred by another individual.

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The right to indemnity and the duty to indemnify ordinarily stem from a contractual agreement, which generally protects against liability, loss, or damage. The Parties agree STERLING TALENT SOLUTIONS' provision of consumer reports and/or investigative consumer reports (collectively, "Screening Reports"), as those terms are defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as amended ("FCRA"), and applicable state laws, is subject to the employer certification requirements and other requirements contained in Exhibit A to this Agreement (the "Background.

The court dismissed this argument, stating the common-law rule of imputing the wrongful conduct of a corporation's directors and officers to the corporation applies for the purposes of determining the FDIC's obligation to indemnify Grant. Written By: Stacey Sprain I recently ran across my first OFAC hit and thought I would share my experience in hopes it may educate others who have not experienced an OFAC hit yet in their careers.

First, let me start by explaining what “OFAC” stands for and what it means. OFAC is the abbre. WHEREAS, Surety and certain Indemnitors entered into that certain Underwriting, Continuing Indemnity and Security Agreement dated March 14, (the “Original Agreement”), as amended and modified by that certain Joinder Agreement and Amendment to Underwriting, Continuing Indemnity and Security Agreement dated November 28, (the “Joinder Agreement” and, collectively with.

this underwriting, continuing indemnity, and security agreement ("this Agreement") entered into as of the 14th day of January,INTEGRATED ELECTRICAL SERVICES, INC., a Delaware corporation, and certain of its Affiliates.

Underwriting agreement indemnification legal definition
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