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Gift Idea: Homemade Journals

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The Best Journaling App for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

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On the Day One website there are a context of uses listedwith garlic and examples. This turns the tab into an exam enabling you to continue multitasking. Inventors, poets, artists and creators-journal as you get inspired, and take down thoughts the moment they present themselves.

You'll never lose a Eureka! moment again. (Might pay for itself in the long run, especially if you're after a Pulitzer). This personal notebook is the king of blank journals Price: $ There are currently no items available that match the specified search criteria.

This journal is your place to express yourself and record your ideas in writing and drawing of all kinds. • Over-sized journal measures 8” x 10” • Softcover • pages • Lined; college-ruled spacing • Black and white interior SEARCH "Premise Content" for more journals and sketch Premise Content.

Use it to adorn your journal, for gift wrapping or to decorate just about anything. Tel: > Accessories > Washi Tape. Washi Tape There are 6 products.

Add some colour to your notebook. Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items I have used the Writing Desk for several years to buy inks. Every single purchase has been swift, r. You guys, I made all these journals in, like, an hour! I've made journals before, but this is the simplest way I've found to create a little collection in no time at all.

These little guys make great gifts, and I love that it's easy to build up a stash. -paper, leather, faux leather, or oil cloth.

The Best Journaling App for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Discover and buy calendars, notebooks, exercise books, bags, pens, pencils and accessories. Flexible and brilliantly simple. Don't forget the limited edition!

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