Jasper jones by craig silvey

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Jasper Jones

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Coming of Age Stories: Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey

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Social Hierarchicalism and Morality in 'Jasper Jones'

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Craig Silvey

Directed by Rachel Perkins (Bran Nue Day, Radiance), Jasper Jones () is an. Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey is a critically acclaimed novel produced in and set in Described by The Monthly as “an Australian To Kill a Mockingbird”, the book deals with a variety of themes in an intriguing and comedic way.

Craig Silvey’s Jasper Jones masterfully explores the indefinitely complex notion of hierarchicalism and morality in contemporary society. Silvey’s projection of a subverted hierarchical model compels the reader to analyse the fallibility of the model on which society is based and the repercussions humanity’s inherent prejudicial nature.

Mar 31,  · Craig Silvey’s second novel, Jasper Jones, was written in and most recently reinvented through a big screen adaptation. It was also my pick for our monthly book club read.

I have been interested in reading Silvey’s book for some years now, perhaps due to the comparisons drawn to Jasper Jones and a favourite book of mine, the classic /5(K).

Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey is a coming of age story that filled with suspense and mystery keeping us captivated till the end.

Set in the ’s in an old mining town if. Weaving at the premiere of The Turning at the Berlin Film Festival.

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