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Elegant Etruria

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History of Etruscan literacy Drawing of the readers on the Liver of Piacenzasee why Etruscan literacy was only over the Mediterranean shores, as shown by about 13, editors dedications, epitaphsetc. There are over 13, individual examples of Etruscan text, which cover the major period of the civilization from the 8th to 1st century BCE.

Most are from Etruria itself, but there are additional sources from southern and northern Italy, Corsica, and North Africa. The Great Big Book Of Ereri PROMPTS?

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Etruscan language

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Thank you all. Italian linguist and glottologist Massimo Pittau has argued that "all the first ten Etruscan numerals have a congruent phonetic matching in as many Indo-European languages" and "perfectly fit within the Indo-European series", supporting the idea that the Etruscan language was of Indo-European origins.

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Letters have been added to and dropped from the Latin alphabet since before English was English. Z, or zed as it is called in British English, is one such letter. The grandfather of our modern z was the Greek alphabet’s zeta, which is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet.

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Etrurian writing a cover
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