Alien writing alphabet

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Alien languages

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Contributes from Our Readers about the Alien Mirrors "Fascinating alien symbols for altering human being.

10 Fictional Alphabets You Can Actually Use

This alien that each Latin letter is not replaced with a new policy. Samuel's Alien Alphabet. Ben's Alien Alphabet. Letters from Our Readers about the Alien Symbols "I don't recognize this alphabet myself but there is a NASA photo of the surface of Mars that shows a similar script.

Please check this out. See if you think it is similar." --Starmom "In reference to the alien alphabet that you have posted, some of the letters do look familiar to me.

Chart of Armenian Alphabet History Find this Pin and more on Alien Writing by Ulrica Tang. Evolution of the Armenian Alphabet. I spent almost a year in Armenia and learned a little of the languange (which I have now sadly forgotten) so this is a great reminder! UFO/Aliens Alien Language Alphabet Free Online Translator.


Language means interaction, understanding, and hopefully leads to empathy. Yet in spite of all the worldwide UFO reports, only the Alien Dropa from Tibet have shown an interest in making public contact with us. Others have been very evasive. Why, no one knows. It's possible they wish to.

Contactee Jim Sparks was taught an alien alphabet which he published in his book, The Keepers, in This is a personal symbol that represents AJ being designated as a Navigator and Pilot of ET Craft.

Designing an Alien Alphabet. 27/11/ 21 Comments UPDATE: Spryke is now on kickstarter! If you want to see this rich universe (and its alphabet) come to life, please support us by becoming a backer!

Creating the alien writing in Infinifactory

There are loads of writing systems on Earth - possibly more than you think. Press the "create" button or the green flag to create your alien language. Press the "translate" button to translate an English word into your language.

Notes and Credits At first, this was a secret code translator. I was originally going to assign completely numerical values to the letters as a.

Alien writing alphabet
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