A week at waterloo

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SEPTEMBER 15 – 22, 2017

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University of Waterloo

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A Week at Waterloo in by Magdalene De skayra.comUCTION The following narrative, written over eighty years ago, and now at last given to the world inis remarkable in many skayra.com is remarkable for its subject, for its style, and for its literary skayra.com subject--a deathbed scen.

Jonathan “Jon” Levitt spent the last years of his promising young life battling the grips of a merciless addiction to opioids. Jon was an attractive and athletic young man. A 2-day conference that will convene top doers and thinkers to deliver insights, engage in debate and lead practical working sessions about the future of tech as a force for good.

Orientation is your official welcome to campus. During Orientation, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with peers, get to know the City of Waterloo and see the best that your faculty and UWaterloo have to offer.

A week at waterloo
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